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If you have worked on photoshop, then you have to have some knowledge about PSD format. In Photoshop, you work in layers to build picture and when you save that image, it saves in PSD format. Usually the picture size in psd gets too large. The actual problem comes, when you are going to upload the picture. There are so many things which need to be taken care when designing of sites like, website uploading shouldn’t take much time. PSD files can’t be uploaded on your website as it’s not compatible to the website and that may be hazardous for your website to upload psd files in website. This is the reason that PSD files are converted to HTML or Word press, so that the images may easily be uploaded with no hazard to your website. Hence, it’s extremely essential to convert PSD to HTML or PSD to wordPress.

When we discuss the PSD to wordpress conversion, it’s very tough task and with no sound knowledge, skills and experience, it’s difficult to do for any web designer. For a web designer who has expertise in PSD to HTML or PSD to wordpress conversion, this task is extremely easy for him. But for a beginner, this endeavor is truly very tricky to perform efficiently and effectively. So, here are some tips to bear in mind prior to PSD to wordpress conversion.

Semantic Coding- Semantic Coding is very crucial process where your wordpress designer should match the html tags with content. Like if header, body and footer are designed in distinct format then this semantic coding is required to make the entire data more relevant and legible.

Manual coding of markups- there’s absolutely not any comparison of hand coded markups and coding through applications, if you need a quality website. The programmers can add and delete in line with the requirement. Programmer can give this type of elegance to your website which applications can never.

W3C Compliance — It is also very important factor to create a structured website. It checks out the error if there’s any in the website concerning the structure.

Browser Friendly- Create your website browser friendly, so that it could be easily run on any browser. Cross browser compatibility is very important for every company web design, otherwise you may loose your valuable customers.