Using WordPress Plug-ins With Twitter

With the amount of people blogging nowadays, WordPress plug-ins are a excellent way to get more mileage out of the own blog.   Whether it’s to market your organization, or just some fun for your friends and you, linking your blog with your Twitter accounts is a excellent way.   Here are some strategies to use these Twitter tools to increase your profile and attract more readers.

You want your readers to be able to save and share your articles. With a WordPress plug-in like AddToAny, your post can be bookmarked by your readers, share them or email them to friends.   AddToAny works with over 100 social networking websites.

Add your Twitter RSS link to your header. Broadcasting an RSS feed gets the message out automatically to more people for more visibility. By adding a WordPress plug-in like Add Twitter 8, an RSS button is added .   Your readers can find your feed and start following you.

Pull in tweets containing your keywords. Using keywords helps you score higher in the search engines, and lets readers know they’ve found what they are looking for.   You may pick a keyword if you use a Twitter tool such as NewsTweet and NewsTweet will flow posts containing that word directly.   This provides you with a fresh resource for more content, in addition to giving your readers another reason to visit your blog.

Automatically tweet your blog articles. A simple way is to tweet when you upgrade it . Just set it up once and you are ready to go. Feed2tweet is an excellent WordPress plug-in for this and it includes custom messages analytics, and URL shorteners.

Add a link to Twitter in your posts. Are likely to be interested in what else you must say.   FishyTweet is a plug-in that adds a link to Twitter to your articles.   Your readers can follow you.

Let your readers get you the word. A Twitter tool such as Tweet Meme is a great way to allow your readers share your blog.   More visibility and another reader.

Personalize your blog with a Twitter badge. You can customize your page, you stick out from the crowd.   TwiBadge is an easy way to include your badge as a widget for your page.

Tie in your photos. People are visual creatures.  Giving them photos to look at can create an emotional bond and cultivate positive feelings towards your merchandise and you.   The MyTwitpic WordPress plug-in shows photos you have uploaded recently to Twitpic.   Add photos that are relevant and watch them appear on your blog.

These are simply a few of the WordPress plug-ins you may use to connect your own blog and your Twitter accounts.   More cross-traffic means more readers and more followers.   And every reader and follower has a friend?   It gets easier to get out your message once you get the ball rolling.   WordPress and Twitter are allies. They give you more power.

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