Top Web Hosting Company

We have found a top web hosting company that has had minimal down time (99.9% uptime guarantee), competitively priced and plenty of bandwidth. The benefits of having an excellent hosting site are that your site doesn’t have the potential to have downtime, leaving you with lost traffic and profits. You have 24/7 live support when you need it to be most efficient, and leave your visitors with a lasting impression. HostGator provides all of the above and this virtual web host allows you to choose your own domain name.

There are a lot of things to look for when looking for a top web hosting company. Make sure they have plenty of bandwidth. You may hear it is impossible to have unlimited bandwidth, and this is because your site is not the one with the bandwidth, it’s the hosting company’s bandwidth. But our preferred top web hosting company has a very large amount of bandwidth in comparison to many others. This leaves us feeling secure about our site and our host.

Also be sure to keep any eye on the disk space. This is the amount of space in your website for downloads, audio and video files. So unless you intend to just have text on your site, this is an important feature. While doing your research, you may come across side by side comparison sites. Be conscious of what you’re looking at, as some reviews are actually paid by the hosting sites. It’s best to go to the actual host and get your facts about the company there.

If the hosting site is not up front about what they charge, why they charge it, or how their site will work for you, they are not a top web hosting company. You want an honest, hardworking host and if you don’t know what you’re paying for up front you can’t expect to have honesty after you’ve paid them their fee and you’re site is up and running. You are at their mercy and you’re time, money and integrity are at risk if you chose a poor hosting company. Since you’ll want the 24/7 support because technical issues can and will arise at any time, try contacting the hosting company with a question and if they don’t respond to you within 24 hours, they probably won’t be able to deliver the kind of customer service and support you deserve and need.