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Web Hosting Reliability

When just beginning your online journey it seems that there are endless decisions to make. Counting on Web Hosting Reliability is probably one the most critical aspects of choosing a web host however it is one that is overlooked by a number of beginners. The importance of a reliable web host can make or break […]

Affordable Web Hosting

Affordable web hosting is certainly for you if you have built your first website and now wonder how do I get it hosted? Or if the monthly web hosting fees are draining your pocket.Where do I go for affordable web hosting? You ask ’cause you don’t want to break the bank. You can look around […]

How to Create Your First Website Without HTML Knowledge

In this article I am not going to teach you how to create top class design. Instead I will show you how to design your first website without any HTML knowledge. If you have never designed any website before it may sound like difficult job. Don’t worry – if you can work with Microsoft Word […]

The Usefulness of Websites

Websites being one of the most comprehensive business requirements today have boosted the website builder industry. Website building is probably one of the fastest growing services area today. Each year several new websites are launched and acquire a place in the search engines. Websites were primarily made for the educational purposes, but seeing their approach, […]

Monetise Your Domains

– WHAT ARE DOMAIN NAMES. Domain names are host names that provide memorable names to stand for numeric Internet protocol {IP} addresses. They make us {human beings} to easily interact with websites and other network services. Computers communicate through IP addresses e.g.,, etc. Domain names are . Yahoo.com, domainmoney.biz, hotmail.com, domaintutor.biz, etc – […]

Choosing a Web Host – The Checklist

Some people may not realize the importance of teaming up with the right web hosting company. It is just like a partnership. When businesses decide on the wrong web host, they could have difficulty in getting support, suffer from downtime or even worse. The loss on the initial capital investment is nothing compared to the […]

Page Load Speed and the Web Hosting Service

Today, we want access to things we need without wasting time. The same goes for those who use the Internet on a regular basis. No one wants to wait for ages to see their favorite website on their computer or mobile phone screens. So, the loading speed of a website matters a lot. Blogs and […]

How to Choose an Affordable Web Hosting Provider

Are you planning to host a website on your own? Are you juggled with so many questions such as, How to decide whether a web host is good or not? Do bandwidth and disk storage features still matter these days? Which type of web hosting provider suits your entity? If you have all these questions […]

Free Web Hosting – What’s the Catch?

Is FREE web hosting really free? What are some of the clauses that are attached to it? 1. Service may offer crappy servers which have very poor uptime. 2. Ads may be served on your page. 3. Share a percentage of money earned from your website. 4. Its totally free! It is still technically possible […]

Have Fun With Flipbook Web Templates

If you photograph weddings, you know how difficult it can be if the bridal party doesn’t cooperate. After the proofs are ready, it’s one thing for the bride and groom to stop by your studio and pick them up, but quite another for the whole family to keep dropping by and calling to see the […]