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12 Visual Composer Addons

Easy to Build Ultra-Responsive Pages in No Time

Magic Block
Create banners, Call To Action, and many more

Feature Block
Personalize descriptive texts with hundreds of icons

Customize your testimonials with lots of options

Video Call to Action
Add a Youtube or Vimeo clip to your Call To Action

Customize your classical or touch sliders

Simple Title
Quickly add your desired titles and content

Image Call to Action
Add an image to your Call To Action

Pricing Tables
Make pricing tables that sell

Go to Top
Add a customizable a button for fast scroll to top

Add your clients’ logos and their testimonials

Add a button for fast scroll to top

Smooth Scroll
Add your clients’ logos and their testimonials

Build more with less
Use these versatile, condensed modules to create tons of variations

Create on-the-fly
Hundreds of presets
For you to build your desired pages with less work, and amazing results.

Best fit for all sizes
Your pages will be ultra-responsive, and they’ll have the best appearance on any device

No extra work required
These add-ons easily blend with your favorite theme