SwiftThumbs – Premium Image Tool for WordPress

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SwiftThumbs - Premium Image Tool for WordPress 1


SwiftThumbs is the only image tool for WordPress you’ll ever need.
It crops any image perfectly to your needs. Crop, colorize, blur, pixelate, flip or invert your image with a single click.

Adjustment Features

  • Cropping tool
  • Color options
  • Brightness
  • Blur
  • Pixelate
  • Invert
  • Gamma
  • Contrast
  • Flip


1.1 – Fix compatibility issue with Visual Composer
1.0 – Initial release


  • Requires at least PHP version 5.3.
  • PHP extension ext-fileinfo needs to be enabled. (This extension is enabled by default as of PHP 5.3.0.)
  • Image editing can consume a lot of memory.

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