Redirect the Web Page – 301 Checker

Changing multitude of web pages and URLs made junking of the newer stuff online. At least sometimes one may need to reconstruct, modify or identity changing of the existing web page of his/her own. In that case it should ensure that the clients could continue their requests. At this juncture a checker to redirect the web pages and URLs will be helpful very much. 301 Redirect is such a Search Engine Friendly way to redirect the needed to a directory on the same Web server or to a different URL under such circumstances. Once you have added the 301 “code” interpreted as “permanently moved”, the search engines will do the rest.

While considering the procedures, a series there to function with ultimate results. It is an efficient way to redirect requests to a program, single file or another directory or web site. But the thing to remember is that the owner should be a member of the group of administrators of the local computer. While practicing use the account which is not the group for more security. From the original URL it is possible to pass any parameters to the program, using the redirect variables.

The foremost features are astonishing that a checker could redirect CGI PERL, IIS redirect, Cold Fusion, ASP, SP.NET, JSP (Java), Ruby on Rails, Old Domain to New Domain (.htaccess) and to www domains. Remember to use the .htaccess redirect only on LINUX servers.

The easiest way to get your files redirected is:-

  • Right click on the file or folder having data of your requirement in Internet Services Manager
  • Select on the part of the title “a redirection to a URL”
  • On entering the redirection page, click “The exact URL just you entered above” and “Permanent redirection of the resources”
  • Apply to activate the process.

We can utilize the features of Redirect Checker on IIS to fix domain issues on windows. The files redirected once to a different directory can be retrieved by the browser upon the instruction of the web server, when it is requested from the original. 301 redirects are search engine friendly in a way that it could back up data to a new one from an old page.

On redirecting a page which is decided to delete forever, the forwarded page will be there with out getting “Page Not Found” your homepage or under the parent page. If it is for changing the actual URL structure, having a page rank and want to make the new page on its stature, do it redirected with a 301 Redirect. The rest will be done with the help of search engines.

Source by Sooraj Surendran