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WooCommerce Shop Assistant – JARVIS

JARVIS is first of its kind Shop Assistant for WooCommerce that helps increase your sales and boost orders. The AI bot like interface of JARVIS shows recently viewed products, provides advanced, natural language search, shopping cart, recommended products, popup store notifications, and new sales notifications for users – all in one place on any page of your website without leaving the current page. This is a noble approach to persuade buyers to order from your WooCommerce website. When activated, JARVIS sits there floating at the right bottom corner of your website and offers helpful tips set by you. When clicked JARVIS offers useful information for shoppers to help the potential buyers make purchase decisions.

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JARVIS Features Include

Advanced, Natural Language Search Interface

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JARVIS provides an advanced, natural language search interface in a human friendly manner that admins can customize for words and language and add custom search parameters like Tags, Attributes like color, size etc.!

Pop Up Sales and Order Notifications

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Pop Up Order Notifications or Sale alerts will help you sell more products by creating an urgency among prospective buyers by showing who else just bought products from your store. New sales alerts are shown in near real time. If your store is not so busy, you can create artificial or fake sale alerts.

Discreet Promotional Messages

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In message center, you can add up to eight different messages with display duration time in seconds. The messages will come out of JARVIS floating icon in time intervals defined by you during buyer’s stay on your website in any page. Messages can be anything or any link or even can contain images and they a. Let your buyers know what is special about your store, promote a single product or just tell them about your free shipping offer.

Recently Viewed Products

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Buyers can quickly see at a glance the products he has already viewed and add the to the cart right from the JARVIS full-screen interface.

View Products in Cart

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Buyers can view details of products added to the cart from any page of your website and checkout. JARVIS provides a one stop view of all user activities to help make a purchase decision and buy more!

JARVIS Widgets

WooCommerce Shop Assistant - JARVIS Pro 7

JARVIS also offers two widgets that you can add to your sidebars. The Advanced search widget offers the same natural language search feature you create. The second widget shows the recently viewed products by the buyers.

These widgets can be used even if you turn off the JARVIS floating agents.

QuickBall Mode or Full Screen Mode

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JARVIS Pro comes with two different modes. The default Quick Ball mode shows small icons that reveals secific information the shopper is looking for. The full screen mode shows all the activties of the shopper in a full screen lightbox window

WooCommerce Shop Assistant – JARVIS Pro Features

  • Quick Ball Mode or Full Screen Mode
  • Natural Language Search Query Builder
  • Show Recently Viewed Products
  • Show Cart Items
  • Advanced Search and Recently Viewed Products Widgets
  • Popup Sales (new order) Notifications
  • Artificial or Fake Sale Alerts to Create Urgency Among Buyers
  • Enable or Disable Notification Sound
  • Disable Sales Notification for Mobile
  • AJAX Add to Cart from Recently Viewed and Recommended Products
  • Message Center for Custom Promotional Messages with Support for Message Duration and Delay.
  • Many Prepackaged JARVIS Icons with Option to Upload Your Own
  • Fine Tune JARVIS icon position
  • Choose from Dozens of Animation Effects
  • Language Center to change or translate various label texts in JARVIS popup window.

Why WooCommerce Shop Assistant JARVIS?

  • Developed by a company with 14+ years of experience. You can rely on us
  • Always up to date and under active development for new features
  • Extended documentation
  • Easy and Flawless Setup
  • Fully Responsive Templates
  • Automatic updates – Update Easily using the Envato Toolkit
  • Powerful iList Options panel
  • Unique Features
  • Quick, Reliable, No-nonsense and Friendly One-on-One Support

WooCommerce Shop Assistant - JARVIS Pro 9

Version History

Version 1.6 – released on June 01 – 2017
 Added Quick Ball Mode

Version 1.5 – released on Apr 30 – 2017

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