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WooCommerce Search Engine – INSTANT, RELEVANT AND SMART Search Box

“WooCommerce Search Engine” is a very powerful and easy to use WooCommerce Search Plugin which turns a simple search box of your WooCommerce Store to the powerful multifunctional magic box which helps you to sell more products. The plugin UI is compatible with all themes.

WooCommerce Search Engine is one of the best plugins of 2017 by Envato

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WooCommerce Search Engine 4 WooCommerce Search Engine 5

Lightning Fast Search by Product Name, Description, Synonyms, SKU, Product Tags, Custom Fields and Attributes!

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Get Smart Search for Front-end and Back-end sides

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Smart and magic search engine

  1. Typo resolver: If your client types incorrect product name(f.e. “smartfon” instead of “smartphone”), our smart algorithm recognizes it and shows relevant results.
  2. String multi-sequence: If you have a product called “Apple iPhone White Case” but your client types “iPhone case”, “Apple phone case”, “white iPhone case” etc. – the plugin recognizes it and shows all corresponding products.
  3. Search by parameters: The plugin let’s you to build search box which finds the products by produtct title, description, any custom field, product tag, product category, product attributes etc. which is very useful. The plugin also provides WooCommerce search by SKU.
  4. Search by synonyms. Place multiple custom synonym pairs and the plugin will take it into account.
  5. Show all variatons during the search
  6. And some another great features you might like
  7. Backend Search – Pass frontend smart search results to backend(after enter press) NEW!
  8. Search Analytics – Track what your visitors tried to search. NEW!

Some of features in action

First Screen – When the visitor starts to type something.
WooCommerce Search Engine 16

Typo Correction Resolver – If visitor makes typo mistake in search keyword, the plugin understands what he/she means and shows relevant results.

WooCommerce Search Engine 17

WooCommerce Search Engine 18

Search by Stock Keeping Unit code (SKU Search feature for WooCommerce)
WooCommerce Search Engine 19

Search by your chosen custom meta field, tags, attributes.
WooCommerce Search Engine 20WooCommerce Search Engine 21

Search by synonym words
WooCommerce Search Engine 22WooCommerce Search Engine 23

Suggest popular products when “no any result found” message appears.
WooCommerce Search Engine 24

Seach by category names
WooCommerce Search Engine 25

Understanding special latin+greek letters
WooCommerce Search Engine 26

No matter to type either A-B-C or B-C-A, B-A-C, C-A-B row – all of them are understandable by our engine.
WooCommerce Search Engine 27

Search Analytics which allows you to track what your customers type in search box
WooCommerce Search Engine 28

Same smart results after pressing an enter and getting search results from backend side:

WooCommerce Search Engine 29After:
WooCommerce Search Engine 30

What our customers say

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WooCommerce Search Engine 35

Great features for your WooCommerce website

  1. Main Feature: Very fast search suggestions by Product name, description, category, tag, meta fields, attributes and SKU – no loading time, no waiting, no any ajax or server-side loading, so it is really fast.
  2. Featured products block in live search suggestions box – Add any product you want.
  3. Latest visited products block in live search suggestions box which is personalized for each visitor.
  4. Additional help messages such as “type any text you want: f.e. child shoes”, “no any match found, you would like these new products” etc… in search suggestions box.

The plugin is cleanly integrated with WooCommerce, so even theme developers can add the plugin to their themes.(via extended license)


v. 1.7.2. (Coming soon...)
- Huge performance improvement for the websites with more than 10K products.
v. 1.7.1:
- small fixes for displaying variation prices.
v. 1.7.0:
- added: displaying variable price range
- added: 3 new shortcodes
- solid performance improvement and code utilization
- added: custom layout for developers
v. 1.6.6:
- some small improvements.
- added compatibility with WC3 product visibility taxonomy.
1.6.5 ver.
-improved: more fields in layout template.
1.6.1 ver.
-added: fullscreen mobile search window.
-added: ignored keywords list.
-added: enable/disable shortlinks in cache data.
-added: indexedDB support for cached data - now it is faster than ever.
-added: exclude any product from search results.
- fixed: homepage redirection in some cache links.
- fixed: display woo thumbnail when there is no featured image for product.
- some little improvements
1.5.4 ver.
- Fixed: "empty data in most popular searches" at analytics tab.
- Improved: admin settings security.
- Added: "Show all results" link below the live results.
- Improved: Analytics data collector algorythm
1.5.3 ver.
- Fixed IE11 and Safari issue from 1.5.2
- Improved local cache load logic.
1.5.2 ver.
- New: Now the plugin is able to show tax included/excluded prices.
- Imrovement: some little improvements on Analytics section. 
- Fix: Deprecated WPML function has been replaced with the new one.
1.5.1 ver.
- New Feature: Search Analytics - Track what your visitors tried to search. 
- New Feature: Backend Search - Pass frontend smart search results to backend(after enter press) 
- Added: Exclude any category from search results
- Improved: Thank to new templating mechanism Search Cache Size reduced by 2-3 times.
- Fix: Some other improvements.
1.4.4 ver.
- Added: "translit" search for Cyrillic websites. 
- Added: "Exact match" mode
- Fix: permanent sale price visiility.
1.4.0 ver.
- Added: Search by variations. 
- Added: Search by synonyms.
- Improvements: Generated cache size reduced by 7-10%.
1.3.4 ver.
- Added: Integration with WooCommerce Catalog Visibility setting. 
1.3.2 ver.
- Improved: New search algorithm - now smarter and more powerful. 
- Some fixes and little improvements.
1.3.1 ver.
- New: Cache rebuild button on wp-admin top bar!
- New feature: Cache auto-rebuild.
1.3.0 ver.
- New feature: Search by tags and any attributes!
- Some impovements.
1.2.3 ver.
- Improvement: Now search suggestions algorythm works 5-10 times faster.
- Fixed: Line breaks from custom fields are fixed for js code
1.2.2 ver.
- Added: Optional "Search from first letter" rule.
- Fixed: Out Of Stock products filtering works again.
1.2.0 ver.
- Added: Cache rebuild via Cron Jobs
- Added: Popular products block for "no match" screen
- Added: Ordering by any argument.
- Added: Search by category name(Display category names by search keyword)
- Fixed: Strip tags from hidden description.
1.1.2 ver.
-Added: Optional search by description feature.
-Fix: Some css repeats removed. Data JS file now has 16% less size.
1.1.1 ver.
-Fix: the plugin now removes expired campaign sale prices.
-Fix: Show previous suggestions after refocusing.
-Added: New parameter which defines when autocorrected key results should appear.
-Improvement: Formatted prices in suggestion box.
1.1.0 ver.
- Search algorithm now recognizes and converts special latin letters such as 'ä', 'ö', 'ü', 'à'.
-Added feature - search by product attribute(=meta_keys)
-Some other little improvements.
- Little improvements.

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