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“Give your beloved what they wish”

The Woocommerce gift registry is an module that allows customers to

  • Create gift registry for wedding, birthday, baby gift registry on your store.
  • After fulfilled information about gift registry customer can add items in your store to his gift registry.
  • Customer can share gift registry via Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and email them to friends.
  • Friends can follows links and buy gifts for gift registrants. The plugin can send notification email about the gift order.


Easily create gift registries

Woocommerce Gift Registry 3

For example

Woocommerce Gift Registry 4

Easily create gift registries

Woocommerce Gift Registry 5

Share gift registries to social networks

Woocommerce Gift Registry 6

Or send email to friends about gift registries

Woocommerce Gift Registry 7

Receive notification when friends have bought you a gift

Woocommerce Gift Registry 8

Automatically fill shipping address

Woocommerce Gift Registry 9

Admin can edit registires through admin panel

Woocommerce Gift Registry 10

Allow customers to search for gift registries

Woocommerce Gift Registry 11

The gift buyer can send the gift message to owner

Woocommerce Gift Registry 12

Set priority for each product in the gift registry list: high, medium and low

Woocommerce Gift Registry 13

Set up the gift registry security

Woocommerce Gift Registry 14


All notable changes to this extension will be documented in this file.
This extension adheres to [Magenest](http://magenest.com/).


## [2.2] - 2017-7-10
### Add new features
- The gift buyer can send the gift message to owner.
- Set priority for each product in the gift registry list: high, medium and low.
- Set password for the gift registry. 

## [2.1] - 2017-1-10
### Patch
- Compatible with the last version of WordPress and Woocommerce 

## [1.5] - 2016-12-5
### Patch
- Fix bug related quantity

## [1.4] - 2016-11-1
### Patch
- Reduce quantity of desired quanity in public view of gift registry
- Fix the XSS vulnerability when using add_query_arg
- Improve search function

## [1.3] - 2016-8-26
### Add new features
- Add translation for Italia languages

## [1.2] - 2016-5-26
### Add new features
- Add ability to search gift registry and fix the bug related to gift registry page url

## [1.1] - 2016-3-20
### Add new features
- Subtract public view quatity if there is people buy item
- Scroll to email form if click share via email
- UI improvement

## [1.0.0] - 2015-1-22
### Initial Release

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WordPress 4.8.x, WordPress 4.7.x


WooCommerce 3.0.x, WooCommerce 2.6.x


IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome