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WooCommerce ActiveCampaign by GetMogul is a WooCommerce extension that will allow you to add contacts to your ActiveCampaign account, with proper WooCommerce integration, and all the flexibility that you need to create targeted and personal automation campaigns.


We are currently running a special launch offer in order to get a few reviews. Price will be increased to $79 soon.

Key Features

  • Complete user tracking activities, from first visit, to order paid.
  • Gather the important details from your users, like products purchased, total spent, or the contents of their last cart.
  • Implement an effective cart recovery strategy, including a 2-step checkout process.
  • Track any custom user interaction with your site, like clicks, amount of scroll, or time in page.
  • Get in ActiveCampaign all the information and events needed to create targeted and personal automation campaigns.

Complete Tracking

Track everything that a visitor does in your WooCommerce store, including:

  • When a WordPress user signs up.
  • When a WooCommerce customer is added.
  • When an order is processed.
  • When an order is paid.

This actions will:

  • Create or update a customer in ActiveCampaing.
  • Add tags depending on the products in cart or order (product SKU/ID/name, product categories, product tags), and track the event. It supports product variations, for example “Blue Jeans (Size: M)”.
  • Add contact fields and custom fields available, with important information about the customer, like address, currency, last order date, total spent, number of orders, or current cart information.
  • Unlike other plugins, this actions use the appropriate WooCommerce hooks and session, so they work even with AJAX events, or if the user is redirected after the event.

    Now that you have all that information available in ActiveCampaign, you will be able to create Automations and send them targeted and personal emails or SMS.

    This plugin will also insert the ActiveCampaign Site Tracking code in all pages of your site, and try to identify your visitors. This will allow you to know what pages are visited by your contacts and use it in Activecampaign Automations.

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    Cart Recovery System

    Did you know that the cart abandonment rate is about 70%? That’s why it is important to capture the customer email as soon as possible, and track their Add To Cart and Checkout actions to be able to follow up with them to recover some of those lost sales.

    The Cart Recovery System includes a 2-Step Checkout option, that will change your checkout process to capture the customer email in step 1, and fill the rest of order information in step 2.

    You can configure the 2 steps to be Tabbed or Headlines. Tabbed will put the 2 steps in 2 tabs on top. Headlines will put the 2 steps in 2 headlines one after the other.

    Once the email is entered, it will be sent to ActiveCampaign. The contact created will get the cart tags and product tags (product SKU/ID/name, product categories, product tags), as well as this cart recovery custom fields:

    The cart contents: A text with the last cart contents. It can be configured with variable replacements. The default will be “Product A (x2), Product B (x3)”, but you could change it to: “2 x Product A, 3 x Product B”, or “Product A (2), Product B (3)”, or simply “Product A, Product B”.
    The cart recovery URL: When this URL is visited, the cart will be restored with the products in their last cart as it was when they left.

    You can include this fields in the email that you send, to remind them what they were going to buy and continue where they left, even if they are in a different device.

    If the email is from a current user, they will be able to enter their password and they will be logged in, and the checkout information prefilled with their details.

    If the user is already logged in, or if we already know the visitor, it will track the cart interactions even before the checkout process starts: when the cart is updated (products are added, quantities changed, etc.), when the cart page is visited, and/or when the checkout page is visited.

    If we know the visitor, for example, it is a current Contact in ActiveCampaign, we can give them a special link that contains their email or ActiveCampaing contact ID, so we will start tracking them as they arrive to the website, even if they are logged out.

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    Custom Event Tracking

    Track specific actions of your visitors with multiple “and/or” conditions and dynamic values. For example, when a customer clicks a specific link, you can track an event with the value of the current cart total.

    Some examples of triggers are:

    • When a page that contains a certain word is visited.
    • When a checkout is successful and order is paid.
    • When a product is added to cart.
    • When an HTML element with a certain CSS class is clicked, mouseovered, or triggered any other JavaScript event.
    • When an HTTP parameter with a certain name exists with a value that ends with a certain word.
    • When the page is scrolled a certain amount of pixels.
    • When the time in the page is more than a certain amount of seconds.

    Advanced users can even use Regular Expressions to match the desired elements.

    You can mix the conditions with “and/or” statements, for example: when a page that contains the word “blue” is visited, AND when the time in the page is more than 10 seconds.

    When the conditions are met, you can set the event name and value to send to ActiveCampaign. You can enter a value directly, or use one of our dynamic replacements by entering variables like {{product_price}}, {{product_quantity}}, {{cart_shipping_tax}}, and many others. You can even add math equations between the {{}}. For example “{{(order_total – order_tax – 2) * .5}}”.

    Note that after the event is sent to ActiveCampaign, you can add further actions by creating an ActiveCampaign Automation triggered by the event. For example you can create an Automation that adds a tag to a contact after the event is recorded.

    As you can see this gives you all the flexibility to track your visitor actions and record them in ActiveCampaign.

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    Current Users Sync

    If you already have some customers, you can sync them to ActiveCampaign with one click. They will be created with all the past orders information and settings as you have configured.

    Multiple Stores Supported

    You can select a default ActiveCampaign list where the contacts from your website will be added. The necessary custom fields will also be added only to this list. You can also use a prefix for all the tags and custom fields of this site. This allows you to keep your lists organized, and if you have multiple websites, the tags and custom fields from the different stores will not interfere with each other.

    No Website Slow Down

    Having a fast webite will improve the user experience and it’s proven to increase conversion rates, and that’s why our plugin, unlike others, performs all the communications with ActiveCampaign in a backgroud process that will not slow down the website when the users are interacting with them.

    It Works with Any Plan

    This plugin works with any ActiveCampaign plan, including the Lite Plan.

    Other Features

    • Loads resources only when active and needed, to ensure maximum site performance.
    • Cacheable JavaScript and CSS files.
    • Use of templates that could be overriden by custom plugins.
    • Fully translatable.
    • Works with WooCommerce 2.6 and superior.
    • Included 10% discount and free Custom Domain for all ActiveCampaign plans.

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    WordPress 4.7.x, WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.5.x, WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.1, WordPress 4.5, WordPress 4.4.2, WordPress 4.4.1, WordPress 4.4, WordPress 4.3.1, WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.0


    WooCommerce 3.0.x, WooCommerce 2.6.x


    IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge