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A)About Ebay Affiliate – top

Earn Money with your Woocommerce WordPress Store.
Advertise EBay products on your Woocommerce website and earn advertising commission from Qualifying Purchases.

To start Importing your allow_fopen_url should be enabled to yes in php.ini file.
Ebayaffiliate Extension allows to import products,pricing,description,categories, images etc from “eBay” to your wordpress woocommerce Store. The extension reads out eBay store automatically and import the products in your woocommerce Store.

Upcoming Features – top

  • ShortCodes, Widgets and Slidebar, display items in custom post and custom pages
  • Import Search Filtering with many more options.
  • Support For All Ebay Listing Types(Auction,Offer,Private Listing,Charity/Donate Listing,Ebay Deals).
  • WPML compatible
  • Features:

    Import store Categories:

    This feature allows us to Import Products by Seller Category wise.

    Page wise Import:

    With this feature we can import all Products From specific seller. And also we can import Seller Category wise.

    Single Item Import:

    By using this Feature We can Import any specific Product from eBay with item id.
    Search By keyword:
    This feature allows us to search the Products on eBay with a Keyword. It will give you the all available Product matches in the eBay, from those we can select the Products and import them into our store.
    While Importing the Products we can use these options:
    Description To Extract: From this option we can get selected description from eBay product description by using the id and class tags.
    Description To Remove: From this option we can remove selected description from eBay product description by using the id and class tags.
    Product Status:
    With this Feature we can monitor the Product purchase count and Product redirect count from our wordpress site for all imported products.
    Cron Job:
    Ebay products change all the time, especially prices, quantity and title. Using our EBay CronJob Feature you can keep products up to date using a custom Cron Job.

    Ebay Affiliate WooCommerce Plugin 1 Installation – top

    ebayaffiliate.zip conatins the files/directories.

    • doc
      • index.html
      • assets
    • ebayaffiliate-plugin.zip
    • ebaysync.php

    Upload ebayaffiliate-plugin.zip file for install the Plugin.

    C) Creating Ebay affiliate Account – top

    Please follow this link:

    D) Creating Ebay Api Credentials – top

    To import items from Ebay you need .

  1. appId
  2. devId
  3. certId
  4. user token

Click Here to know how to Create Ebay Api Account

    E)How It works: – top

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Auto Sync – top

To update product quantity on purchase of item in ebay, navigate to url settings->ebayaffiliate and select the value of ebay api and ebay store. Set ebay update to yes if you want to update the quantiy at ebay on purchase of item at woocommerce and click on save settings.

Ebay Affiliate WooCommerce Plugin 22

Copy file ebaysync.php to wordpress root folder. Set the cron job to the file ebaysync.php which is in root folder of your wordpress installation.

Front-end: http://ebayaffiliatewoocommerce.mkreddy.com/
Back-end: http://ebayaffiliatewoocommerce.mkreddy.com/wp-admin
UserName: ebayaffiliate
Password: ebayaffiliate123

also check the video of the extesion on how to import by clickining here

Ebay Affiliate WooCommerce Plugin 23

H) Changelog – top

Version 1.8

New Features Added:

  • Category Mapping.

Version 1.7

New Features Added:

  • Imports Ebay product Reviews.
  • WPMU Compatible.

Version 1.6

New Features Added:

  • Import Ebay large images if exists.
  • Avoid Importing description if not required.
  • removed default weight 0.06 from earlier version.

Version 1.0

Initial realese

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WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0


WooCommerce 2.3.x, WooCommerce 2.2.x, WooCommerce 2.1.x, WooCommerce 2.0.x


IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome