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Back In Stock Notifier is a WooCommerce Waitlist Pro Plugin which displays the Email Subscription Form when a Product is Out of Stock. Those interested in purchasing the Product will Subscribe for Email Notification. When the Product is Back in Stock, the Back In Stock Notifier notifies the Subscribers by Email there by turning all those Subscribers into probable Customers. By using Back In Stock Notifier, you will never loose a sale even when your Product is Out of Stock. Back In Stock Notifier captures all those missed sales.

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  • Advanced Waitlist for WooCommerce.
  • Shows the Email Subscription Form when Product is Out of Stock.
  • Automatically notify by email when product comes Back In Stock.
  • Works with Simple Product and Variable Product (Product Level and Variant Level).
  • Export Waitlist as CSV file.
  • Each Product page displays its respective Email Subscriber list in the backend.
  • Send Notification Mails to Selected Subscribers.
  • Turn the interested visitors into customers using the Back In Stock Notifier.
  • Works for both Guests and Members.
  • For Members their Email Id is pre-filled in the Subscription Form.
  • Lists the number of Subscribers to be notified for each Product using which you can understand the Product Priority for Restocking. Using this Subscriber Count you can easily do Priority Restocking based on demand.
  • Duplicate Email Id checked for each Product and hence the same Email Id will not be duplicated for the same Product Notify List.
  • Option to clear Back In Stock Notify List after successful notification.
  • Error Message customization options.
  • Back In Stock lists subscribers in each Single Product page.
  • Mail subject and message are customizable in Admin Settings.
  • Translation Ready.
  • WPML Compatible.
  • Subscription Mail with Unsubscribe Option.
  • Subscribed Email Ids can be deleted from the backend.
  • Works with WooCommerce Subscriptions v2.0.15.
  • Notification Mails are highly customizable.
  • Works out of the box.
  • Simple and Easy to use.


Version 9.7 on 21 April 2017
New: WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility

Version 9.6 on 28 March 2017
Fix: Subscribe form not displayed Custom Pages which are set as home page
Tweak: Plugin Scripts execution optimized

Version 9.5 on 14 February 2017
Tweak: Code Improvements
Tweak: UI enhancement in Master List table
Fix: Error while user Unsubscribes from Backinstock Notification Email

Version 9.4 on 05 February 2017
Tweak: Code Improvements

Version 9.3 on 04 January 2017
New: Shortcode to Display Subscribed Variation of the Variable Product
Fix: Validation to get property of non-object
Fix: Variation product title issue

Version 9.2 on 13 November 2016
New: Color Customization option added for Subscribe Form Field
Fix: Master Log mail status displayed as "Not Sent" problem
Fix: Warning Messages in edit order page

Version 9.1 on 11 September 2016
Fix: Error "is_type" for variable products

Version 9.0 on 21 July 2016
- Fix: Manually adding Subscriber in the Product page
- Fix: Notification email problem for the manually added Subscriber when the Product become in stock status

Version 8.9 on 16 July 2016
- Fix: Warning message when using shortcode

Version 8.8 on 26 June 2016
- New: Current Date and Time displayed when Send Now button is clicked in Master Log
- Fix: [product_title_no_variation] shortcode problem

Version 8.7 on 15 June 2016
- Fix: Compatibility with WooCommerce Subscription  v2.0.15

Version 8.5 on 13 May 2016
- New: Email notification for admin when customer subscribes to a product

Version 8.4 on 25 March 2016
- Fix: Compatibility for In-Stock by Quick Edit 

Version 8.3 on 17 March 2016
- New: Added new Shortcode [product_title_no_variation]

Version 8.2 on 09 March 2016
- Fix: Controlled Variation_Id displaying instead of Variation_Name in notifier Emails
- Fix: Subscribe form to be filled only in Shop Page or Single Product Page

Version 8.1 on 13 February 2016
- Fix: Fatal error appears when switch onto Bulk edit and update in product settings

Version 8.0 on 05 February 2016
- New: "How to translate Backinstock Notifier using WPML" added in documentation

Version 7.9 on 08 November 2015
- Fix: Error message in master log when Product is deleted

Version 7.8 on 11 October 2015
- New: Troubleshoot option added for choosing the hook to display the Subscribe form field

Version 7.7 on 07 October 2015
- Tweak: Plugin compatible with WooCommerce Version 2.0
- Fix: Subscribe Form not displaying for Variable Products

Version 7.6 on 16 September 2015
- Fix: Sorting Column based on List of Subscribers

Version 7.5 on 06 August 2015
- Fix: Fatal Error on Master Log if that Product does not exists

Version 7.4 on 04 August 2015
- Fix: Plugin causing fatal error upon activation

Version 7.3 on 03 August 2015
- Tweak: Added Error Message for WooCommerce Dependency
- Fix: Error Message because of WooCommerce In-Active

Version 7.2 on 28 July 2015
- Fix: Supporting Special Characters in Back in Stock Error and Success Message

Version 7.1 on 10 July 2015
- Fix: WooCommerce Backward Compatibility

Version 7.0 on 01 July 2015
- New: Option to Send Manual Instock Mail from Master Log
- New: Option to Manually Subscribe Users for Backinstock Notifications
- New: Option to Delete/Uncheck the Subscribed Users when the Product becomes Instock
- New: Shortcode to display the Product to Cart
- New: Ssupports WooCommerce Product Shortcode where the users can subscribe for notifications

Version 6.8 on 13 June 2015
- Tweak: Compatibility with WooCommerce Subscriptions Latest Version

Version 6.7 on 10 June 2015
- Fix: Sending Empty Mail Problem with WPML
- Fix: Removing all Subscribers List from Product on Automatic In Stock Mode

Version 6.6 on 20 May 2015
- Bug Fix in Email Content when using WPML 
- Added Unsubscription Text and footer customization compatible with WPML

Version 6.5 on 27 April 2015
- Fix: XSS Security Problem Fixed

Version 6.4 on 24 March 2015
- Changed to Default WooCommerce Email Template
- Added Option for Unsubscription Link Customization
- Fixed Debug Warning upon Unsubscription Success

Version 6.3 on 16 March 2015
- Bug Fixed in Unsubscribe Email from Subscription List

Version 6.2 on 07 March 2015
- Bug Fix in Removing Email List after Manual Mail Sending

Version 6.1 on 27 February 2015
- Fix in Sending Manual Mails
- Compatibility issues with WooCommerce 2.3.x

Version 6.0 on 11 February 2015
- Variable Product Subscriber Count Display in WooCommerce Product Columns
- Enhanced the Code to Load Products in the Hide Subscribe Form Field
- Fixed Fatal Error Problem upon Plugin Activation
- Fixed White Page Problem when accessing Back In Stock Notifier Tab

Version 5.8 on 12 December 2014
- Bug Fix on Getting Array Value in CSV

Version 5.7 on 06 December 2014
- Improved Code for Better Compatibility with Themes

Version 5.5 on 29 November 2014
- Record Email Address on each Variant, even if Global Level is Out of Stock
- Bug Fix on Sending Mail when Product become In Stock

Version 5.4 on 09 October 2014
- Product URL Clickable in Email 
- White Space Removed in folder name

Version 5.3 on 22 September 2014
- Debug Errors Fixed when Product not Excluded initially

Version 5.2 on 11 August 2014
- Validation for Product/Category Selection

Version 5.1 on 09 August 2014
- Added ID for Subscribe Form Title

Version 5.0 on 09 August 2014
- Cleared the Warning Messages

Version 4.9 on 06 August 2014
- Show Subscribe form for Member/Guest option added 
- Hide Subscribe form for selected Products/Products categories option added

Version 4.8 on 01 August 2014
- Warning Messages fixed in Debug Mode

Version 4.7 on 14 July 2014
- Email Text as WPML

Version 4.6 on 01 July 2014
- Char set changed in mail

Version 4.5 on 27 June 2014
- Notification Mail log added in Master log
- Input type checkbox changed to select listbox on/off for subscription mail
- Controls repositioned

Version 4.4 on 25 June 2014
- Subscribers Count added in individual Product page(admin)
- Empty List label changed

Version 4.3 on 23 June 2014
- Color option added for email
- Manual/Automatic Notification Mail option

Version 4.2 on 18 June 2014
- Debug Mode Warning fixed
- Changed subscribe mail function file name 

Version 4.1 on 11 June 2014
- jQuery bug fix in Pre fill email 

Version 4.0 on 9 June 2014
- Bug fix in Notification Mail Shortcodes
- Bug fix in error message 
- mail()/wp_mail() function added as option

Version 3.9 on 3 June 2014
- Success / Error Message Position, Effect, Color etc

Version 3.8 on 28 May 2014
- Bug Fix for Shortcodes

Version 3.7 on 24 May 2014
- Bug Fix in Export

Version 3.6 on 22 May 2014
- Mail Improved

Version 3.5 on 20 May 2014
- Date Feature Added

Version 3.4 on 12 May 2014
- Delete option for Master list 

Version 3.3 on 7 May 2014
- WPML Compatible
- Added Extra selector to form

Version 3.2 on 2 May 2014
- Master Log of All Subscribed Email IDs added
- Master Log of All Subscribed Email IDs Export CSV 

Version 3.1 on 29 April 2014
- Code Optimized for Performance 

Version 3.0 on 18 April 2014
- Translation Ready
- Subscription Mail with Unsubscribe option
- Export Waitlist as CSV file
- Notify Selected Subscribers when Product Back in Stock

Version 2.8 on 11 April 2014
- Bug fix and validation added in mailing

Version 2.7 on 8 April 2014
- Code Optimized 

Version 2.6 on 31 March 2014
- Bug fix in AJAX call

Version 2.5 on 26 March 2014
- Validation added for duplicate email ids 
- Added feature to automatically prefil email id for logged in users

Version 2.4 on 24 March 2014
- Improved to make it more compatible

Version 2.3 on 22 March 2014
- Bug fixed in Subscription form display

Version 2.2 on 21 March 2014
- Fixed a problem in sending mails

Version 2.1 on 20 March 2014
- Enhanced to support Variable Product at Variant Level

Version 2.0 on 19 March 2014
- Subscription form better Positioned
- Custom CSS options added
- Button in new line option added
- Subscription form title added
- Notify count bug fixed

Version 1.1 on 14 March 2014
- Enhanced to support Variable Product at Product Level

Version 1.0 on 8 March 2014
- Initial Release

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