Monetise Your Domains


Domain names are host names that provide memorable names to stand for numeric Internet protocol {IP} addresses. They make us {human beings} to easily interact with websites and other network services. Computers communicate through IP addresses e.g.,, etc. Domain names are .,,,, etc


These tools will guide you in choosing your domain names.

(a) Overture suggestion tools: It shows you how many times people searched for the word(s) or term(s) you want to register in the last one month (it is yahoo-advertising network}. It is highly recommended that it should be more than 5,000 times.

(b) Google: Google search pages will show how many pages contain the word(s) or term(s). The one that appears more than 500,000 times is recommended

(c) View bid tool: This tool tells you what advertisers are currently bidding to pay for the word(s) or term(s) i.e. the higher, the better.


The registry is the body that has the contract to handle an entire extension (sometimes more than one extension). e.g. is the registry for all .com and .net domains. Registrar stands as a middleman between the registry and the public. Most of them can register more than one extension. Examples of registrars are,,, etc. First check for the availability of the name. For example if the. Com or .net has been taken, you can choose. Info or .org


Who is?: is a tool we can use to view the owner’s name, address and phone number of domain name

(a) You can simply type whois to a browser and lookup for the owner of the domain name.

(b) You can go to Google search and type who is, it will bring out many websites that you can use to get the owner of the domain name.


This is putting your registered domain names in a name server of a host parking service who has lots of advertisers sites and links. They will design and host your domain name for you (free of charge) and pay you based on click through to advertisers sites. Do not be afraid that you can lose your domains for whenever you want to host your domains or sell them they will release them, just sent a mail to the parking service you are using. There are lots of companies that are into parking domains for profit e.g parked .com (pay twice in a month but you must have at least ten domains before you can be accepted), (accept at least one domain name but it take 45 days after month end before payment), (takes at least one domain but it takes some days before you can get your money),, etc. The payment format can be in cheque, PayPal, bank wire (if you have much money) etc. Below are samples of monetised domain names,, etc. The sign up is free (note that you have to have relevant domains for most of them do not take domains that promote sex (oral, lesbianism, sodomy, etc), abusive names, terror-like names, drug promoting names, etc.


You can buy domain as low as $8 and sell it for $1,500 depending on the importance of the domain name to the buyer, the traffic to the name, nature of the name, etc.

(a) There are many companies that are into domain sales e.g., Aftemic .com, etc. Just register with them free of charge and put your domains for sale there.

(b) Join domain forums and list your domains for sale e.g., etc

Samples of sold domains: for $35,080, for $2,625, for $730, for $14,510