Frames and JavaScript for Website Design Compatibility

Besides the limitations of colour and screen resolution there are other variables like frames and Java Script that affect the compatibility of the website. The effectiveness of the website depends on how the website is presented on the monitor of the website visitor although the website may seem complete and perfect. If the website doesn’t fit the monitor screen it will make the visitor uncomfortable and this could be decisive for the site’s performance.

Why are Frames significant?

There are two viewpoints of eyeglasses; the other is about the compatibility with the speech program and one is the display resolution.

Generally the screen resolution of the computer at the designers end is bigger than that of the computer at the customer’s end. The truth about using frames is that it occupies some space on the track. Consequently the space for the material is reduced. The designer should check the performance of the website on monitors . The visitor needs to scroll for the material that’s beyond the screen resolution, if the frame doesn’t fit the monitor display. The matters become worst if the web designer does not offer the facility of this bar. This can switch the visitor off.

The visually impaired use the speech software for understanding the content of the website. This software’s limitation is that it gives voice. If the content is going beyond the limits, it will not be recognized by the speech program. Moreover the visually impaired is not to understand where the material is getting because for this one should have the ability to see the display, broken.

Prior to integrating them into the website 18, one needs to plan and check the utility of frames.

Using JavaScript:

Majority of the browsers are JavaScript compatible but there are a few that are not. There might be visitors using the browser disabled for JavaScript because of some problem. In this situation the content of the JavaScript becomes inaccessible. In these times of taut competition every customer and each click matters. The existence of the website is doubtful if the website content is inaccessible. This suggests that the JavaScript cannot be trusted 100% and the web site design should be such that if the JavaScript is not recognized, the content needs to be able to popup on the screen as a way to communicate the message. Hybridization of JavaScript with other scripts such as PHP is recommended for this.

One needs to consult a professional website designer to make the best of the niceties of web.

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