Entrepreneur Bootstrapping Business Idea – Start a Human Resources Consulting Firm

Many smaller businesses don’t have the manpower to have a HR department, and as a consultant, you may assess the company, create training plans, look at possibilities, along with the hiring process.

This is a fairly simple business to start, all you need is a computer and a telephone. You’ll need to do a great deal of cold-calling of local businesses to get started, but once you set a name for yourself, you will have. Business owners prefer to have the same services as their peers, so that they have a yardstick.

As an HR consultant, you will help businesses with high turnover rates provide a better environment to their workers. You will help interviewing techniques and train the HR staff that is current on recent labour laws. You might even administer personality tests, pre-screen candidates through resumes, and other things designed to keep the company owner from having to hire a HR department.

Consent that you will work with the business, and you’ll need to create contracts. A few hours, a few days may be paid for by them, or you may work based on the magnitude of the issue. Charge the client for all of your time and expenses. Does not imply that you aren’t working just because you’re not with them and you need to get paid for everything that you’re currently doing for each corporation.

Start with a single customer. Some businesses will only have slight problems that need improving, while others will need to be overhauled. Free 1hr bill them for a complete evaluation, where you survey watch people work and the business, and then consultations. Because in some cases you might need to work with employee information you will likely have to sign agreements.

Joshua Black is an infopreneur, marketing copywriter consultant and educator specializing in helping the business owner that is bootstrapping succeed.

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