Free Science WordPress Themes Where To Find Them

Saying that wordpress is the critical player over blogger by much, but they don’t offer science themes, we’ve put an end to that.   Our team has dedicated themselves in making some critical niche topics in the science field.   There are countless two and three column topics with incredible graphics.   Now what we did was went a step further, we made sure all subjects were SEO’d from soup to nuts.   Not many free themes you see on the web do this.   Coding took much longer but we believe was well worth it.   We examined these before we recorded them to the general public.   The entire process was quite time intensive, but we did so for a few reasons, a couple of years ago we tried a few free topics that we found and noticed that search engines could’nt really crawl the site after an article was published, we disected the coding and found that they were really junk.   Our staff went to work and built some of the greatest free wordpress themes you’ll ever find.   We also carry premium topics but to be fair the only difference is the graphics and coding of them, they are 5% more search engine friendly.   Not that much of a difference but on our scale the free themes rank at 96% and the premium topics rank at 99.2%  these are much higher numbers then many php scripts that are premium.   Anotherwords you won’t find a better seo theme on the market.  

You will see on some of the best laid out graphics on any site.   To give you an idea they did’nt come from some photoshop these are paid pics that we initiated into the scenes, as well as made some necessary adjustments to align for better eye candy.   You know if the reader moves you by it’s due to the first looks of the site.   Before releasing these, we took that into consideration.   From previous experiences as a web designer we’ve seen some of the worst of the worst. Now from a professional standpoint-it does’nt take long to make corrections within this field.   Having a great looking website is what it’s all about.   Everything was checked and rechecked for inclusion into our site.   We run a beta test on how a theme will perform in search engines before we list it.   The science theme is one of the very particuliar and diverse topics to have accomplished.   We had to take many things into account,  with all these niches within this class, we had to really study the field before beginning this project.   It is possible to think about science being studying the human body or forensics or anthropology.   I think you get where I am coming from, so we in no way had the opportunity to cover every one so we combined a number of the very popular and that is where the graphics started.   Now we will be adding more on a monthly basis so stay tunes if you don’t see something you want, but keep this in mind, in other categories you may see right sidebar and left sidebar topics as well as widget prepared and 4 and 3 column themes.   Check these before you leave as we may have used a particular graphic on these topics.   You will find the colours are somewhat clearer and crisper then you may see elsewhere.   Remember the Science theme is among the hardest to develop regardless of if it’s paid or free.   Personally, I think these are a great choice and we know how powerful the seo capabilities are.   So in lamens terms if you don’t like the graphics you can always change them they are very easy to do and you can do that in the header segment.   1 tip in receiving maximum traffic is you can add many plugins to the site, and twitter tools is one priority you should use.   Once a post is created it will be automatically sent to twitter thus giving you a massive advantage for receiving targeted visitors.   These will maximize the capacity of your blog.   You can do so much with our free science topics.   You may use as many as you like.  

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