CAD and Graphic Design

Through out my career as an Architectural Engineer and general CAD Draftsmen I Have learned all the different programs associated with CAD or Computer Aided Design. Some of the software programs permit and most of them are associated with Mechanical Engineering. With the technologies within these programs it allows the user to apply texture and materials to be added, and rendering to be applied to the 3D models. With this sophisticated software users may produce intricate Graphics with a great deal of detail that allows the most detailed 3D models available to be created with computers.
Programs specifically like Autodesk’s Inventor allows this procedure to be accomplished with ease, and in a timely fashion. Being in the business I’ve used this software to create 3D models which I use on my website along with several other projects which allows complete customization of whatever it’s inserted in. With this flexibility it allows me and others to create essentially. For website owners this is great because they can really get as specific as they need with the plan. From the light, materials reflectivity, and texture added to the models.
With this power is an awesome tool for Webmasters, Graphic Designers, or any one in need to get a 3D model that needs to be customized. On my own private website I can essentially add any design that I want due to the fact I’m the one creating it. In most scenarios Graphic Designers have to use images and objects to alter in order to make something custom that no one else has. CAD Designers on the other hand use their imagination to create these images from the ground up which places them in a much better position to create images which are completely unique. Since I run CAD and can operate Graphic Design applications it enables me and my company to design images that no one else has access to that gives me the upper hand in any design situation.
To learn CAD most folks have to go to school for at least two years and at times probably more. The same is true for Graphic Designers, so in case you’re able to get educated in these two fields the chances of 3D design are endless. Graphic Designers and CAD Draftsmen can work together and make the most unique design possible.

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