2 Best Best WordPress Ratings Plugins

It’s hard to describe any WordPress ratings plug in as the best in these superlative terms. But I shall still try my best to give a review of the greatest WordPress ratings plug in that will be of help to you. But please remember that the review is fairly subjective.

This is undoubtedly the favorite of most web masters and it’s been brought out by Lester Chan in GaMerZ. In case you have a WordPress blog, you will be permitted to have a number one rating by WP Post Ratings Plug In. You’ll be the one to pick the rating system’s ceiling.

The rating of your posts can be displayed as picture or as text and your posts can be rated through three unique images plug ins. You can choose from a square set, a bar set along with a star set. The voting is permitted and exhibited by AJAX in WP Post Ratings Plug In. Thanks to it; a reader can cast his vote on your article without any need to refresh the page.

WP Review Engine WordPress Plug In

Some of the very best features of this plug in are that the site you will own will be populated by import content CSV files; custom fields are made use of for displaying comparison tables; posts can be ordered via the amount of testimonials or through rating; hundreds and thousands of user comments can be created instantaneously. Additionally, there are side bar widgets which have recently been reviewed or are top rated.

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