The Downsides of Custom CMS – Custom CMS Versus Open Source CMS

If you’re still stuck up with the good old thinking that nothing comes free of cost, likely it is about time you gave it a second thought and discovered that the goodness of the Open Source CMS. As a matter of fact, most of the popular CMS used by most the online users, who operate their websites, happen to be Open Source, and only a few out of the lot still prefer to resort to the Custom Content Management Systems.

This would apply only in cases of online portals, and handling those websites that don’t really deal with usual text editing.

Considering the standard scenario, the necessity of a custom CMS is out of the cards of everyone. The first and the foremost benefit of using these open source CMS is they’re fully customizable.

As a result, in case you will need to add a couple other functionalities, which are not available in the current version of the software, can be easily added by placing in relatively less amount of attempts. Moreover, extensive documentation and online help via community forums can come in handy to eliminate some of your issues, during development.

On the other hand, the custom based CMS don’t offer this flexibility, and cost a good amount of money too. Even as soon as you get one of those custom CMS made by a web programmer, requirements that are adapting is quite debilitating. Moreover, the programmer who had done the initial portion of the web development , becomes your best bet, though he might demand unreasonable rates this time around.

One of the biggest drawbacks of a custom CMS is that the time required for the high cost of implementation, not to mention the development. So, if you wish to launch a within a short span of time, the odds are high that the custom CMS might not be complete.

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