Logo Design Exposure

If you are just starting in business and you just finished creating your logo design, you would probably be wondering about the next actions to take with your new company logo.   There are many, actually, and all of them require you to do one thing: expose your logo to the max.

The entire point is to put out your emblem the soonest that you can, to make it visible to the public as possible, and expose it as frequently as you can.   Why?

To start with, repetitive exposure aids in recall and recognition.   Two key words are essential here: repetition and exposure.   The more frequently your audience sees your business logo, the more ingrained the image will be in people’s memory.   The repetitive exposure, whether people actively look closely at the logo or not, engraves the image deep in their subconscious.   The same phenomenon is at work with that stranger you frequently bump into (but not talk to).   The next time you look her or him somewhere else, you should be able to recognize the person.   You would even probably say hi or make small talk.

With your business logo, the goal you are after is instant recognition.   That is, people will immediately recognize and remember your company any time they see your company logo.

So, paste your logo all over town and where you can.   Make sure it appears on tv.   Let it be seen by drivers and pedestrians in your company-sponsored billboards and giant signage.   Publish it on your giveaway items.   Print it on customized tops or on business uniform.   Your budget is your limit.   On second thought, there are countless creative ways you can expose your logo without spending much.

Don’t forget your office stationery, also.   This way, you are not only providing an air of officiality to those transactions but also exhibiting your company symbol.

Creating a amazing logo design for your company is only part of the bigger story.   It is an important part.   These two are extremely crucial to establishing your company identity, creating good will among your target audience, and promoting your company name or brand.

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